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Fly High with your Favourite Artisan Biscuits Products

Artisan Biscuits


As you jet from one place to the next, in-flight meals are now something to really get excited about. Long gone are the days when you’d fly to a holiday or business destination, fearing the food you might be served.

At Artisan Biscuits, we like to think we’re doing our part to put a smile on your face when your air host places that meal-on-a-tray down in front of you. When you glance down, there will be that little taste of home.

We’re proud to say that our products are on several major airlines. You’ll find our Short & Sweet delicate English shortbread cruising at altitude on Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines.

If you’re flying with Easy Jet, Norwegian Airlines or Finnair, see if you can spot the pouches of our Grate Britain British cheese biscuits. If you try a packet for yourself, we recommend enjoying them with a gin and tonic.

Choose British Airways First Class and you’re certain to have the pleasure of eating a wide range of our sweet biscuits, served with tea or coffee, or you may have our Miller’s Toast, with a cheese plate.

We’d love to see your images of Artisan Biscuits flying miles high. Why not tag us on Twitter at @ArtisanBiscuits or Instagram at @artisanbiscuits?