Elegant & English®

Elegant & English® are refined all-butter biscuits, each with subtle and interesting infusions of two natural flavours that ebb and flow on the palate. Slim and crisp – and the perfect complement to a cup of tea at any time of day. Classic, stylish, and as English as Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

Standard Packs

Artisan Biscuits Elegant & English Oscar

Chocolate & Raspberry

The classic marriage of raspberry fruitiness and chocolate richness.

Vanilla & Cream

Clotted cream richness with vanilla fragrance.

Ginger & Lemon

Our signature biscuit. Winner of "Outstanding Cookie" at NASFT Fancy Food Show, New York 2007.

Honey & Almond

Subtlety and nuttiness of almond with the warmth of honey.

With the help of Taylors of Harrogate, each biscuit has been precisely matched to the most appropriate fine tea.
Chocolate & Raspberry - Pure Assam
Vanilla & Cream - Pure Ceylon
Honey & Almond - English Breakfast
Ginger & Lemon - Jasmine Blossom

Gift Tin

Elegant & English Gift Tin

Gift Tin

The artist who illustrated the boxes has painted a table laid for tea for our limited edition gift tin; and she chose the most modest and charming of English flowers - the viola - to decorate the china.

Inside the tin, you will find Chocolate & Raspberry, Vanilla & Cream and Ginger & Lemon flavours.

Display Box

Elegant & English Till Boxes

Display Box

Portion packs of two Elegant & English popular flavours.
Each pack contains three biscuits - just enough to partner a cup of tea, and just as elegant and English as a cucumber sandwich.

Dietary Info
  suitable for vegetarians? suitable for vegans? organic? gluten free? wheat free? egg free? no added salt? no added sugar? nut free? dairy free? yeast free?
Chocolate and Raspberry yes no no no no yes no no traces no yes
Honey and Almond yes no no no no yes no no contains almonds no yes
Vanilla and Cream yes no no no no yes no no traces no yes
Ginger and Lemon yes no no no no yes no no traces no yes