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Miller's Crunch

all the goodness of granola, all the taste of a flapjack in a biscuit.



Our goal
When we started work on creating a biscuit with all the tooth-some quality of a flapjack and all the goodness of muesli rolled into one, we didn’t anticipate how delicious the result would be.
It needed to be great: it is after all the first sweet biscuit to carry the Miller’s brand name.

Our Method
Just as when preparing a luxury muesli, we combined oats, sultanas, cranberries, whole almonds, roasted sesame seeds, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds, with a little honey.
To make it into a biscuit, we added flour and demerara sugar, and a generous amount of butter, and we slowly baked it by hand, just as you would at home.

Our result
The result is a granola in a biscuit form that we have named Miller’s Crunch. Of course, it had to be as satisfying as a bowl of cereal, so we made it BIG. It had to be easy to slip into a bag, and eat on the go or in the office, so we wrapped it individually.
Above all, it had to make you lick your lips in anticipation…


Product info


Miller’s Crunch is inevitably delicious with a glass of milk, but most of us will want it with a coffee. Cappuccino anyone?