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Artisan, Artesano, Artigianale in any language means 'made with skill and care from quality ingredients'.

Welcome to Artisan Biscuits

Artisan, Artesano, Artigianale in any language means 'made with skill and care from quality ingredients'.
We offer delicious biscuits made by real people, not robots.

We make biscuits that we would want to eat ourselves; and we bake them today as we always have done, with the best quality natural ingredients and a generous hand. We only use butter, non-hydrogenated oil or extra virgin olive oil.

We never use artificial additives or preservatives.



We are a long-standing family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District, a national park.

We started over 70 years ago. In that time, the world has changed dramatically; but, in the bakery, the way we bake biscuits is barely any different. 

We use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that we have for decades.

Here in Ashbourne, England, we have a saying: 'Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, ducks'.



ginger bread 0061_rgb.jpg


Everything we bake at Artisan Biscuits is made by real people.

We sift and weigh our ingredients by hand, test our mix according to consistency, bake our biscuits until the smell is just right, and check each one by eye. The same way we have done for decades.

Our most cherished tools are over 80 years old and we use them every day. We appreciate reliability, here in Derbyshire.


We use the best quality natural ingredients in everything we bake.

Our butter is churned in England, the flour for our biscuits is milled without additives and our clotted cream comes from the West country.

We want the finest flavours for our baking, so we only use butter, non-hydrogenated or extra virgin oils. We never use artificial additives or preservatives. Why would we, when ingredients are this good?


At Artisan Biscuits, we are sticklers for detail. We want our biscuits to look and taste as irresistible as possible.

Each owl, pussycat and bear are checked to make sure its beak, tail and paw are all intact before our biscuits enter the oven, and Belinda and her team check each one before they make it into their foil wrapper.

By the time a biscuit or cracker reaches you, it will have been checked and given the thumbs up by 20 different bakery staff.

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