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Grate Britain®

British Cheese Biscuits


Artisan Biscuits puts the Grate into Grate Britain ®, by freshly grating real British cheese for every batch we make.

Why not enjoy these delicious, buttery, savoury mouthfuls with a very British gin and tonic and fly the flag.

Product info


Standard Packs

British Cheddar Biscuits

made with freshly grated Cave-Aged Cheddar. Real English Cheddar, hand-made in the West Country by Ford Farm. Wrapped in cloth for long maturing. Aged in the caves at Wookey Hole, Somerset. Its mellow, deep flavour captured to put the Grate into Grate Britain ®.

British Stilton Biscuits

made with freshly crumbled Long Clawson Blue Stilton ®, the king of British cheeses. National treasure and international star. Made, as tradition dictates, by Long Clawson Dairy for almost 100 years. Full in body, rich and robust in flavour, it puts the Grate into Grate Britain ®.

British Smoked Cheese Biscuits

made with freshly grated Dorset Red from the milk of cows that look out to sea on the Dorset coast. Hand-made at Ashley Chase Farm, and smoked traditionally over oak for the dark, mellow flavour that puts the Grate into Grate Britain ®.

Pouch Packs


We have taken our very successful Grate Britain cheese biscuits and made them into cheese crackers.
They’re the perfect nibble-size cracker and the ideal pack for a quiet ‘drinkie-poo’. They’re the same high quality as our Grate Britain biscuits and available in all 3 original varieties.

Gift Tin


All three varieties in a smart and stunningly photographed gift tin. 
The perfect present for a British cheese-lover.