Miller's Toast®

all the goodness of the miller’s table in a cracker

  • Slim and ultra crispy (baked twice like biscotti)
  • Full of ‘good for you’ ingredients: dried fruits, nuts and healthy seeds, honey and 100% extra virgin olive oil
  • Versatile – can be enjoyed with patés, cheese and dips
  • Three unique flavours and three very different toasts
  • Eat alone – the perfect nibble anytime of day
Standard Packs

Hazelnut & Pecan

Nutty Toast particularly delicious with pâtés

Cranberry & Raisin

Fruity Toast particularly delicious with cheese

Tomato & Chilli

Spicy Toast particularly delicious with creamy dips.

Dietary Info
Miller's Stones
  suitable for vegetarians? suitable for vegans? organic? gluten free? wheat free? egg free? no added salt? no added sugar? nut free? dairy free? yeast free?
Hazelnut & Pecan yes no no no no yes no no no no yes
Cranberry & Raisin yes no no no no yes no no traces no yes
Tomato & Chilli yes no no no no yes no yes traces no no