The Fine Cookie Co®

Born in the USA. Raised in the UK.


Big, soft and chewy. 100% natural ingredients.
Hand-baked by Artisan bakers. 100% British flour and butter.
In jars 'to go'.


In jars ‘to go’


Salted Caramel Cookie studded with Chocolate Chunks.


Butterscotch cookie with dates, honeycomb and pecans.
A mouth-wateringly toothsome combination of dates, real pieces of butterscotch, honeycomb pieces and oats, enriched with golden syrup and clotted cream, and studded with pecan nuts. Seriously self-indulgent, but we won’t tell on you.


Rich, dark Belgian chocolate cookie.
We take the finest dark Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder to make a super-rich cookie that is a complete chocolate hit, but with no bitterness.


Granola cookie with dried fruits, nuts and seeds.
Everything you could want in a breakfast granola cookie, except the milk.
Feast on: cranberries, dates, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, hazelnuts, linseeds, oats and coconut.


Vanilla cookie with milk chocolate chips.
A classic vanilla cookie (Madagascan vanilla, of course) flecked with milk chocolate chips and studded with everyone’s favourite candy-coated chocolate beans.


Belgian chocolate and cranberry cookie with meringue.
All that chocolate and meringue plus honeycomb make a wonderfully rich cookie. We’ve added a twist and a tang with some real American cranberries.

Winter Cookie: JACK FROST (available from October to March)

A cookie to take you through a golden Autumn and an arctic Winter. When the leaves start turning and the clocks go back,we want even our cold food to be warming too. So, we have created Jack Frost to match the seasons. A delicious, spiced fruit cookie, rich with vine fruits and apple, dusted generously with sugar frosting. The perfect partner to a steaming latte or cappuccino.

Cherry & Al (available April – September)

American know-how meets Derbyshire can-do in a cookie that takes its inspiration from a classic Bakewell. Rich in almonds and studded with fat cherries, but with the chewy texture you would expect from a soft-eating authentic American cookie.

Dietary Info
  suitable for vegetarians? suitable for vegans? organic? gluten free? wheat free? egg free? no added salt? no added sugar? nut free? dairy free? yeast free?
Choc Box Brownie yes no no no no no no no traces no yes
Butterscotch On The Rocks yes no no no no no no no traces no yes
Rainbow Nation yes no no no no no no no traces no yes
Power Breakfast yes no no no no no no no traces no yes
Rocky Mountain Road yes no no no no no no no traces no yes
Jack Frost yes no no no no yes no no traces no yes
Cherry & Al yes no no no no yes no no Almonds no yes
Salt Lake Caramel yes no no no no no no no traces no no